This is an old classic game, it all started with Zuma, you know about it right? It was often played on social platforms such as Facebook, Odnoklassniki, etc. The game became popular pretty fast, millions of people started playing it and sharing their scores online.

Bubble Shooter Unblocked is yet another version of this online game, a decent version, with awesome graphics, beautiful visuals and simple gameplay. The main benefit of this game is simplicity and entertaining objective, it is an awesome solution to kill time while you are at work, it is also pretty good for relaxing and destress.

How to play:
In this game, your main objective is to hit bubbles with the same color bubbles, this makes them disappear, you get your scores and game continues on and on. It sounds extremely simple, just hit bubble with the same color bubble and it actually is, but thing is that speed of the game accelerates in time and soon you will face a serious challenge. You will have to make decisions fast, you will have to keep focus well and don’t lose your concentration.

Even though the game is simple it is actually challenging and higher levels of the game are tough to overcome, but that is exactly what makes the game so entertaining in the end.

You know unlike other versions of the game in an unblocked mode you get the benefit of ricochet. What it is? How to use it? As the name suggests ricochet allows you to shoot on the walls from the right and left side of the game window and destroy bubbles in hard reaching locations. In some cases ricochet can be considered as a game-changer, I was able to survive countless rounds of the game with the help of this option.

Just make sure that you calculate your shooting angle correctly and don’t miss your shot, remember you must hit the same color bubbles!

Scores and points:
Your main goal is to collect as many points as it is possible, you can even break your own record and boast about it with your friends. Anyway, thing is that game has a special kind of calculating system, it calculates how many bubbles you have destroyed with a single hit, how many combos you have gained, etc. Game is able to calculate and track everything, it doesn’t miss anything and delivers the accurate score and the end of the round.

Bonus scores can also be earned for completing various challenges, keep that in mind! Oh and by the way, you can submit your name at the end of the game as well, the game will save your data and you can track your own records this way.

Main game features:
At the right side of the game window, you will notice some game features: restart (obviously this button restarts the game), setup (here you can change the volume of the music and you can change color settings as well) and top 10(this button shows you, top ten players of the game, by points).

Pretty simple features for a simple game 🙂

This game on your device:
An unblocked version of Bubble Shooter can be installed on your phone as well, check our download links and have fun playing the game from the phone.

YouTube guide:
Just came across with this video a couple of days ago, check how some players manage to earn top scores in high levels, pretty interesting video actually.

This is an old classic game, with a help of a simple objective and challenging gameplay, the game quickly captured hearts of the gamers all over the world, there are various editions of it, but our one is a top choice. Play it online with us, submit your top scores and enjoy it.